What is change?

Organizations face changes constantly, more so in the last 15-20 years than ever before. These changes take many forms and have many names such as re-organization, restructuring, or sometimes revitalization.

Organizational Change is any transformation affecting one of the dimensions of the¬†organization: structure, culture, people, systems, information, management, processes, etc… Several factors can motivate change, some are external, some are internal.

What induces change?

External factors may include the invention of new material, change in the client base requirements, competitors activities, new legislations or government policies, national or global economic changes, social and cultural values, etc…

Internal factors may include the introduction of new services or products, low performance levels, new governance (CEO, Board, etc…), relocation, new internal policy or procedure, new software system, innovation in the service delivery or product fabrication, etc…

What are the risks?

The biggest risks of organizational change are those that affect the individuals:

  • work load: often an issue when restructuring and the loss of many positions
  • lack of recognition: this is felt as the social support form colleagues and from mangers become less frequent or inexistent.
  • troubled relationships up the hierarchy: often experienced when change alienates managers or create silos.
  • lack of sharing in decision making / bad communication of information: the biggest risk and the most common is the failure to share information in a timely manner with all stakeholders at all levels.
  • threatening the individual and group career paths: change sometimes threatens the future of employees who have acquired certain experience that may become obsolete.
  • bad planning or execution of the change: obviously, good planning and good execution are essential for minimizing risk

How to eliminate the risks?

Organizations can eliminate change-induced risks by implementing a sound change management framework that takes into consideration the impact of change on all aspects of the organization, especially on people.

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